About us

El Torreal is an estate steeped in history, charm, and style that harmonizes two cultures and experiences of its Ecuadorian and Spanish owners, united by a shared passion for horses. Its main center is what used to be old stables with a loft above, now transformed into a restaurant, lounge, and comfortable suites to share this special space with those who appreciate it as much as they do.

El Torreal está ubicado en la antigua Hacienda Guachalá, a las faldas del nevado Cayambe, en la mitad del Mundo. Lugar privilegiado para la ganadería y agricultura, sobre todo hoy en día las rosas, por sus características geográficas, su luz y su cantidad de agua.



1980 - 2023

El Torreal is the result of the long-lived experiences of its owners.

In its beginnings, it was a livestock ranch, specializing in cattle breeding and exploitation, later transitioning to the cultivation of summer flowers, including export roses, while always maintaining the equestrian aspect. Today, it stands as a tourist hotel complex.


Our Team

All our staff on the estate are natives of the area, hailing from Cayambe, Otavalo, and surrounding areas. We train our people to be part of this small yet great family that has been consolidating for over 30 years.



Currently, El Torreal offers services including venue rental for events, lodging, restaurant, and additional amenities such as guided tours of the area and horseback riding excursions. 

For more information, please email us at contacto@eltorreal.com.ec.